Topics and Guests for October 3

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The latest on Iraq: Democrats and Republicans in Congress began closing ranks Wednesday behind a resolution giving President Bush broad authority to use military force against Iraq.

Bush hailed the development and suggested war with Baghdad could become "unavoidable" if Saddam Hussein does not disarm.

Full compliance with all U.N. Security Council demands "is the only choice and the time remaining for that choice is limited," Bush said, standing with top congressional leaders in the Rose Garden.

And Republicans are looking to the U.S. Supreme Court after New Jersey's top court ruled that Democrats can replace Sen. Robert Torricelli with Sen. Frank Lautenberg on the November ballot.

The New Jersey Supreme Court 7-0 ruling came Wednesday, two days after Torricelli ended his re-election bid amid questions about his ethics and Democratic fears that a loss could cost the party its one-seat majority in the Senate. These stories and more tonight...

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