Topics and Guests for September 30

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Topics and Guests for September 30:

A Bulgarian student with a one-way ticket to South Carolina tried to pass through airport security with a pair of scissors and two boxcutters in his backpack before he was arrested on a weapons charge, authorities said. Charles Slepian, security consultant and the CEO of Foreseeable Risk Analysis Center

U.N. weapons inspectors and Iraqi officials sat down in Vienna Monday morning to find out how sincere Saddam Hussein was in his recent pledge to allow "unfettered access" to suspected sites.
Chris Cobb-Smith, former U.N. weapons inspector

Is Israel in Iraq? Reports say this past weekend that Israeli defense forces are already on the ground in Iraq.
Natan Sharansky, deputy prime minister of Israel

Rejecting a U.S.-British plan for disarmament, Iraq swore to put up a fierce fight if the allies strike, one that would devastate America.
Michael Vickers former special forces officer

Taliban Johnny's secret life: Time magazine's article on John Walker Lindh reveals how he became an extremist and an alleged homosexual affair with a Pakistani mentor
Adi Ignatius, Time magazine executive editor

How does the war with Iraq factor into election 2002
Margie Omero, democratic strategist
Kellyanne Conway, president of The Polling Company

Police are looking again at a man once ruled out as a suspect in Chandra Levy's death, partly because a lie detector test he passed was administered through a Spanish-speaking interpreter, a person familiar with the investigation says.
Ted Williams, former DC police detective

What is the true face of Saddam? German television network conducts an exclusive analysis of Saddam Hussein's use of body doubles. The FBI has accepted the report which shows the Iraqi dictator has as many as 4 impostors, of whom he has sent to meet with his revolutionary guard and Yasser Arafat.
Winfried Schnurbus, German television correspondent

Iraqi democracy? Could Saddam Hussein actually have paved the way for Democracy in Iraq? One expert says without Saddam in power, Iraq is ripe to be the first Arab democracy in the Middle East.
Ranan Lurie, internationally syndicated columnist

Gov. George Pataki is facing an increasingly competitive race for a third term after riding a post-Sept. 11 wave of popularity for months and successfully courting traditionally Democratic interest groups.
Al D'Amato, former NY senator
Doug Hattaway, former Gore national spokesman

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change