Guests and Topics: September 30

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes

U.N. weapons inspectors and Iraqi officials sat down in Vienna Monday morning to find out how sincere Saddam Hussein was in his recent pledge to allow "unfettered access" to suspected sites. Caspar Weinberger, former defense secretary will join the debate.

And at a time of international crisis, how could a United States congressman attack President Bush from inside the enemy's borders? Washington Democratic Congressman Jim Mcdermott visited Iraq over the weekend and said that the president was "willling to mislead the American people" about whether a war against Iraq was needed. Georgia Republican Congressman Saxby Chambliss weighs in…

And thousands of people opposing a war with Iraq marched to the residence of Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday, culminating three days of smaller-than-expected demonstrations. Protesters, some holding signs that said "No Blood for Oil," blamed Cheney for pushing the nation toward war. Antonia Juhasz , organizer for Mobilization for Global Justice reacts tonight.

Plus super-model and author of Powerful Inspirations, Kathy Ireland is stopping by!

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