Topics and Guests for September 26

Tonight... Get on the record with Greta! 

National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice says the Bush administration has proof of a connection between Saddam Hussein and terror mastermind Usama bin Laden. Rice made her comments on Wednesday when she accused Saddam's regime of sheltering members of the Al Qaeda terrorist network in Baghdad and helping bin Laden's operatives in developing chemical weapons.

Is this all the evidence we need to wage a war against Iraq? We'll ask Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Louisiana Democrat Senator John Breaux.

Then, should we exile Saddam Hussein? Would it work? We'll take a look at that question tonight when Ambassador Andrew Killgore, the former US Ambassador to Qatar who is now the publisher of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Plus, how many of Saddam's bioterror weapons actually were "Made in America?" We'll have the shocking answer tonight.

Also, one California town has decided to join in the foreign policy debate engulfing our country. Wait till you about the Iraqi resolution in Santa Cruz.

Finally, a very personal look at the people of Iraq and the immediate region from Washington Post reporter Carolyn Murphy who is also the author of the new book Passion for Islam.

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