Topics and Guests for September 24

Top airline industry execs are back on Capitol Hill looking for more money. Do they deserve another handout?

We'll ask Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., member of the House Transportation Infrastructure Committee, and Joseph Leonard, chairman and CEO of Airtran Holdings.

The on-again, off-again merger between DIRECTV and EchoStar is facing another hurdle. Will this corporate American saga have a happy ending? Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, explains his opposition.

Every investor knows that the market is in tough shape. But are there bright spots? We'll have a complete look at the positives -- areas where investors have been rewarded -- with:

On housing, Barry Habib, national sales trainer at GMAC Mortgage.
On precious metals, Jonathan Hoenig, portfolio manager at Capitalist Pig Asset Management.
On bonds, Michele Girard, Treasury market strategist at Prudential Securities.
On oil, Frank Holmes, manager of the U.S. Global Investors Global Resource Fund.

Enron. WorldCom. Tyco. Adelphia. Now Xerox -- the copier maker said its past accounting practices are under close examination by federal authorities. When does all the scrutiny stop? Dick McCabe, chief market analyst at Merrill Lynch, offers insight.

Mutual funds are the individual investor's best friend, right? Gary Gensler, former undersecretary of the Treasury and co-author of The Great Mutual Fund Trap, joins us to explain why you may want to rethink your investment strategy.

We'll have those stories and more!

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