Rosie O'Donnell's Post-TV Transformation

The transformation of Rosie O'Donnell from nice to weird now seems complete.

In a startling interview on the Tonight Show this week, O'Donnell explained that she quit her TV show because her kids were becoming spoiled by the attention they got. 

And, she now says, she got that wacky new severe haircut to impress Boy George. 

Rosie has had several explanations for her new 'do, unveiled last week at a press conference to announce she was withdrawing from her magazine and closing it down. 

But the latest -- and oddly most convincing -- story behind it is that the haircut is modeled after Helen Terry, a backup singer for Boy George's band, Culture Club, during the early 1980s. 

O'Donnell is trying to bring Boy George's (real name, George O'Dowd) autobiographical musical, Taboo, to New York City. 

The singer at first refused to give her the rights, Rosie told host Jay Leno. 

"He looked at me and said 'Oh Rosie, you're too suburban,' " she said. 

O'Donnell later asked designer Isaac Mizrahi to help her get the same haircut as Terry, which apparently won over Boy George. 

Her problem with her TV show, she told Leno, was just the opposite -- too many people were saying yes to her and her kids. 

"I quit my show because it was getting to be where I'd say I'm thirsty and 14 people in tuxedos showed up with every flavor of Snapple there ever was," she said. 

Her cushy lifestyle, loaded with limos, big houses and first class travel, even began to have an effect on her kids, she said. They now refuse to do even the most basic tasks, including cutting the crust off their own slices of bread. 

"I said to [my kid] what's so horrible about your life? Just tell me one bad thing about your life,' and he said 'I've never been in a submarine.' I said, 'Oh are you suffering? I can hardly believe the torture of your existence." 

Even Rosie says people think she's changed since ending her show. 

"They thought I was so nice from TV and that when I did my act, I became evil," she said. 

In her stand-up comedy act, she said "Joan Rivers looked like an alien." But Rivers who was reportedly "deeply offended," by Rosie's crack. Leno also asked O'Donnell about her abruptly backing out of her magazine deal with publisher G+J and her now defunct magazine, Rosie

O'Donnell said she quit the magazine because she didn't like the direction its content was going. 

"It was a great thing, but they wanted to make that I wasn't happy with it," O'Donnell said. She then launched into a convoluted explanation that likened her vision of the magazine to Coca Cola and G+J's proposals to Tang. 

"They said, we want your name and not you. I wish them peace, because I didn't file a lawsuit," she said. 

"I simply said remove my name and keep everyone employed and I'll go off and do a Broadway show."

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