Guests and Topics: September 24

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes

Patricia Weathers says her son’s school coerced her into giving him drugs to treat what school psychologists and psychiatrists diagnosed as ADHD. Weathers says the drugs led to a host of problems from loss of appetite to sleep problems. She says they banned him from attending classes unless he was drugged and accused his mother of educational neglect when she stopped drugging him.

Patricia Weathers has enlisted the help of high-powered New Jersey lawyer Alan Milstein, who has a reputation of aggressively going after influential medical institutions accused of injuring their human-research subjects. Both will join the debate tonight.

In a long awaited dossier, the British government detailed Saddam Hussein's nuclear and biological weapons capabilities and said that the Iraqi leader could launch an attack with as little as forty-five minutes notice. The Iraqi government dismissed the claims, but has the case already been made? Author of  With a Happy Eye But... America and the World, 1997-2002George F. Will reacts.

Yasser Arafat is backed into one corner and Saddam Hussein backed into another. Is the Middle East about to lead the world into war? Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak will join Hannity & Colmes.

A handful of Democrats in the House of Representatives are joining together to oppose an American strike against Iraq. Can we afford to wait any longer? Representative Jan Schakowsky (D - IL) says yes. 

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