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Stories for Thursday, September 19:

• Let's say the U.S. decides definitively to go after Saddam Hussein with military force. What would such an operation look like, and what kind of commitment are we talking about — in terms of manpower, time and expense? Bryan Bender, former Washington bureau chief for Jane's Defence Weekly, and retired Army Major James Blackwell will give us an idea.

•   Are terrorists planning to strike U.S. interests? If so, where and when? We'll ask Michael Swetnam, an adviser to the Defense Department and author of Usama bin Laden's Al Qaeda: Profile of a Terrorist Network.

•  A Hamas spokesman warns there will be more violence against Israelis, but stops short of claiming responsibility for today's homicide bombing on a crowded bus in Tel Aviv. Joining us to talk about the latest round of violence in the Mideast will be Hasan Rahman, Palestinian chief representative, and Natan Sharansky, deputy prime minister of Israel. 

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Note: Topics subject to change