Guests and Topics: September 18

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Is Saddam up to his old tricks again, and has his offer to allow weapons inspectors to return pushed back the timetable for war?
Bob Livingston, former LA congressman

Are Democrats keeping too quiet as the wheels of war begin to turn? A member of their own party says yes.
Hank Perritt (D), congressional candidate 

William Shatner, best known for his role as Captain Kirk. He hasn't let the role of a lifetime define his life. He stars as himself in a series of ads for and is the author of a bestselling science fiction series. In his new book, "I'm Working on That," he has talked to the world's brightest minds and shares which cool gadgets from "Star Trek" are closest to becoming reality.
William Shatner, actor 

What are the religious implications of the war on Iraq?
Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcasting Network

Back in August, three prison guards were brutally beaten by a gang of inmates at the Lancaster, California State Prison. Since the attacks, all of the black inmates in one of the four cell blocks have been denied visiting rights because of the investigation. Are the inmates victims of racial profiling?
Russ Heimrich, CA Dept. of Corrections

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