Dressed to Kill

Israel found itself under attack again yesterday -- at a bus stop where a homicide bomber blew himself up, and on a fashion runway in Beirut, where a shocking, blood-splattered dress was featured.

The "revolutionary" new dress, designed "in solidarity with the Palestinian uprising against Israel," was on display for Lebanese fashionistas. 

With its depictions of bloodstains, bullet holes and tanks moving through a desolate rock-strewn landscape, the floor-length gown was featured as part of a collection at an Arab fashion festival which coincided with New York's own Fashion Week. 

The dress was designed by Saudi haute couture artist Yehya al-Bashri. 

In Israel, the violence was real. 

A policeman was killed by a bomber as cops closed in on him at a bus stop in northern Israel and Palestinians also kidnapped and murdered a settler in the West Bank.