Topics and Guests for September 16

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Topics and Guests for September 16:

The five men arrested in Buffalo over the weekend on suspicion of being Al Qaeda members had been watched by authorities since before the Sept. 11 terror attacks, but seemed to have been communicating more than usual in the past month, prosecutors said Sunday.
Mayor John J. Kuryak, Lackawanna, NY

The Buffalo bust: The Muslim community helps FBI fight terror cells in the U.S
Faiz Rehman, national communications director of American Muslim Council

The five men arrested in Buffalo, NY is suspected of terror links with Al-Qaeda
Skip Brandon, FBI's former deputy assistant director of counterintelligence & counterterrorism

Bada-bing Bada-bang!
The Sopranos premiered on Sunday night at 9pm
Cynthia Sanz, senior editor of People magazine

There is no Marie in this Donny Pyramid: The classic game show with a new look returns to television September 16, 2002
Donny Osmond, host of TV game show Pyramid

Military strategy on Iraq
Lt. General Tom Mcinerney, Fox News military analyst

National security debate is focusing on Iraq
Wayne Madsen, former national security adviser
PJ Crowley, former special assistant to President Clinton on national security affairs

What role would the Navy Seals play in an atttack against Iraq?
Martin Strong, retired Navy Seal

Iraqi people speak out... Do they want to wage a war on Saddam Hussein?
Zainab Al-Suwaij, executive director of American-Islamic congress

Survivor is back!: The Thailand Survivor season premieres Thursday, September 19 at 8 ET on CBS
Jeff Probst, host of Survivor

The three Muslim medical students detained after a woman said they were discussing terror plans told reporters they want to clear their names and study to become doctors, but a Miami hospital where they were supposed to train no longer wants them. Was their arrest discrimination?
Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations

Five men were arrested in Buffalo, NY because of suspected of terror links with Al-Qaeda
And now a sixth man connected with alleged Buffalo terror group arrested in Bahrain
Clint Van Zandt, former FBI profiler

Catastrophe: What was Clinton's role in America's worst disaster?
Carl Limbacher,

The greatest threat: The former assistant secretary of defense says America is still vulnerable to nuclear terror. A year after 9-11, why? And will an Attack on Iraq help?
Graham Allison, former assistant secretary of defense and director of the Belfer Center at Harvard

Battle in Iraq: Are they with us?
Bush speaks to the UN, will the world remain chilled to a fight against Saddam?
Amb. Robert Hunter, former U.S. ambassador to NATO

The latest on U.S. operational intelligence, counterintelligence and special operations issues
John Nolan former U.S intelligence officer

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change