Topics and Guests for Friday, September 13

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Here's a review of what was on the rundown for Friday, September 13:

Suspected terrorists are stopped on a Florida highway after a Georgia woman reports overhearing their alarming conversation
Eunice Stone, tipped off police
William Daly, former FBI investigator
Jeff Addicott, author or Winning the War on Terror

President Bush presses the U.N. to come up with a deadline on Iraqi disarmament
• Retired Marine Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, FNC military analyst

Canada's prime minister says the Sept. 11 hijackers may have been motivated by what he calls the misguided policies of the rich and powerful Western world
Stephen Harper, member of the Canadian Parliament

Vermont Sen. Pathrick Leahy raises the possibility that terrorists may be responsible for the spread of West Nile
• Dr. Steven Garner, chief medical officer at St. Vincent's Hospital in NYC

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Note: Topics subject to change