Topics and Guests, September 10

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Carl Cameron reports: The federal government elevates the terrorist threat level in the United States to orange, putting the country and U.S. interests abroad at "high risk of terrorist attacks."

Guest preview: Dr. Bruce Hoffman, director of the RAND Corp., who will give us some insight on the new level of threat.

Panel preview: What do the alerts mean in the context of any possible future attacks?


•  Bret Baier reports: Pentagon officials now say the Navy's 5th Fleet has raised its threat condition as well, from Charlie to Delta, the highest state of alert indicating an attack is believed imminent or has just happened.

•  Jim Angle reports: President Bush says the threats U.S. intelligence agencies are hearing sound similar to the ones that came in just before last year's Sept. 11th attacks, but insists there has been no specific threat to America.

•  Brian Wilson reports: A year ago Pentagon employees reported to work just like any other day. But then American Airline flight 77 came through the side of the building. And a trap door became the workers' enemy.

•  Plus, reports you won't want to miss from Major Garrett and David Lee Miller.

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