Topics and Guests for September 11

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Topics and Guests for September 11:

America Remembers: There will be twin moments of silence at Ground Zero and the White House at 8:46 a.m., the moment the first plane hit the World Trade Center one year ago…
Here is a list of some special guests joining Fox News today.

• 11:00
A widow who lost her husband on Flight 93 talks about how she is coping one year later.
Deena Burnett, lost husband Tom Burnett on Flight 93

Pentagon burn victims Brian Birdwell and John Yates react to 9/11 one year later.

• 12:00
Remembering the heroes of Flight 93
Former Congressman Jim Gibbons, (R-NV)

Hear from the executive director of trauma at Bellevue Hospital who handled more than 130 patients from Ground Zero during explosion.
Dr. Leon Pachter, VP of surgery at NYU Medical Center

Pentagon hero shares how America's defense headquarters survived tragedy in the face of America's worst terrorist attack. David Theall was awarded the highest award that the Army can give a civilian.
David Theall, a Pentagon survivor who was thrown across the room when the plane hit, he tells his story

• 1:00
Families of victims talk about 9/11 and how they have coped over the past year…
Alice Hoglan,
her son Mark Bingham was one of the Flight 93 heroes
Steven P. Morello Jr., he lost his father at the WTC tragedy

A story of an amazing rescue effort at WTC. A NY firefighter gives us a first hand account of the minutes and hours after the attack.
Dennis Smith, retired firefighter involved in rescue efforts

• 2:00
World Trade Center burn victim and survivor reacts to 9/11 one year later.
Manu Dhingra, a WTC survivor who was burned on nearly 40 percent of his body

Pentagon survivors and heroes tell their stories.
Petty Officer Cean Whitmarsh, Navy and Pentagon hero
Chief Petty Officer John Krauss, Navy and Pentagon hero

Airport security one year later, how safe are we now?
Robert Francis, former NTSB vice chairman

• 3:00
Families of victims talk about 9/11 and how they have coped over the past year…
Tom and Melanie Frost
, daughter was killed onboard flight 157
Cindy Rice, lost her son David Harlow Rice
Hugh Rice, father of David Harlow Rice
Captain Brian Peabody, Port Richmond Corps. in Staten Island, NY

The war on terror continues, we'll have the latest on military efforts.
Major Bob Bevelacqua, Fox News Channel military analyst

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change