Topics and Guests for September 9

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Topics and Guests for September 9:

Remembering September 11: What has been the impact on this country? Where do we go from here?
Sen Jon Kyl, (R-AZ)


Jurors who tried Alex and Derek King, ages 13 and 14, on charges of killing their father with a baseball bat were shocked to learn that another panel had acquitted an adult accused in the case. But their conclusion that the boys only helped and didn't swing the bat stunned the prosecutor who presented both cases. We'll bring you the latest.
David Rimmer, Florida prosecutor

Previewing the tragic events of 9/11, emotional video of the day America changed.
Thomas Von Eessen, former NYFD commissioner

What are the reasons why shouldn't go into Iraq?
Rania Masri, founder of Iraq action coalition
David Kay, former UN nuclear weapons inspector

The women at ground zero: Hear some touching stories of women on 9/11 who lived and died at Ground Zero.
Susan Hagen, CA firefighter and author of Women at Ground Zero
Mary Carouba, investigative social worker

The height of ambition: The history of the World Trade Center
Eric Lipton and James Glanz, reporters at the New York Times magazine

More on the informant who lived with the hijackers
Michael Isikoff, investigative correspondent at Newsweek

Reflections From Ground Zero airing on Showtime tonite at 8pm
Rachel Zabar, director of One Life
Cindy Rice, mother of 9-11 victim David Harlow Rice
Hugh Rice, father of 9-11 victim David Harlow Rice

The search for Usama bin Laden one year later...
Abdel Bari Atwan, Al Arabi editor

9/11 remembered: A brother who went to Ground Zero to look for his firefighter brother joins us. He wore his brothers uniform as he looked for him at the WTC site.
Clifford Russell, lost his brother Stephen Russell in WTC

Miss North Carolina's beauty pageant controversy
Phyllis Lile-King, co-attorney for Misty Clymer and former Miss North Carolina in 1980

Sept. 11 remembered: Family members of September 11 victims turn tragedy into hope for kids, they'll tell you how.
Jenna Jacobs, husband Ari died on September 11. She gave birth to baby Gabriel six days later
Gabriel Jacobs, father died in World Trade Center
Amy Callahan, her fiancée died on September11

Homeland Security: The lesson learned 2 days before the 9/11 -- one  year anniversary
Skip Brandon, former FBI deputy assistant director of counterintelligence and counterterrorism

The parents of a missing firefighter join Fox News Live. The firefighter's body was never found or identified. His parents talk about how they cope with the heartbreaking loss...
Dee and Vincent Ragusa, lost their firefighter son Michael Ragusa on September 11

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change