Topics and Guests for Monday, September 9

Tonight... Get on the Record with Greta!  Was the Florida jury misled when it voted to convict the King brothers of murder? The jury forewoman says she and the rest of the jury were "aghast" when they heard that the boys' next-door-neighbor, Ricky Chavis was acquitted!

We'll have the latest on the fallout from this unusual trial this evening and we'll bring you a live report.

Then, we'll speak with Ricky Chavis' attorney Mike Rollo about his client's acquittal on Friday.

Plus, we'll speak with George Shellman who was an alternate juror in this case.

And later, the tussle over the tiara has gotten tougher in Atlantic City. We'll have the latest on the fight over the Miss North Carolina crown. Who will get to represent the state at the Miss America pageant? Wait till you hear what's happened now!

Also, is there a connection between Iraq and the Oklahoma City Bombing? You'll be surprised by what former Oklahoma City television reporter Jayna Davis has uncovered.

Finally, don't miss Part III of our Below the Radar report as Steve Brown concludes his investigation into Homeland Security.

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Note: Topics and Guests subject to change