Guests and Topics: September 9

Join the debate tonight...

President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien are meeting in Detroit today to showcase a new program aimed at making the U.S.-Canadian border tougher for terrorists without holding up business and tourism.

But the president's main focus in a private meeting with the Canadian leader will likely be taking the war on terrorism into Iraq. Bush was expected to express concerns about Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and the need for a change in leadership in Iraq.

The White House is trying to sell the world on taking down Saddam Hussein. But what do Americans to say about it? Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris will join the debate.

And has getting a "liberal" arts education taken on a literal meaning? A new study says that America's universities are filled with professors leaning to the left. And why are some people saying this could be dangerous? We'll tell you about it.

Also, as the nation braces for the anniversary of September 11, meet a woman who escaped tragedy at the World Trade Center, by accident! Phyllis Bargo‚Äôs amazing story of surviving 9/11.

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