Topics and Guests for Friday, September 6

Tonight... Get on the Record with Greta!

The King brothers are found guilty of second degree murder in Florida. We'll have complete coverage for you this evening.--Including legal analysis and an assessment of what will happen to these two boys for the foreseeable future.

Then, it's being called the "Tiara Tiff" and it looks like this year's Miss America Beauty Pageant might just get ugly! Who will be the "true" Miss North Carolina? What to do about the nude photos? We'll ask someone who always has the right answer... Fox News Channel's Lauren Green, who once competed in the Miss America Pageant, to help us sort it all out!

Plus, Geraldo is back in Afghanistan and he'll give us a live report from Jalabad tonight.

Also, don't miss our next Below the Radar report as Steve Brown continues to investigate the state of our Homeland Security.

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Note: Topics and Guests subject to change