The Cost of Freedom

There's still something very gripping about being at Ground Zero -- at this site, at this time.

I remember when I first came down here the night after the attacks, it was utter devastation, utter loss.

So many of my friends, business acquaintances, guests on my show were now gone. Time heals some wounds, but not all. And for all the victims families, probably not ever. I don't know. But this much I do know: We have come a long way from that day. And an even longer way from where cynics said we would be after that day.

I mean think about it. The terrorists lost. They thought they'd grind capitalism to a halt. They didn't.

They thought they'd drive consumers into a panic. They didn't.

They thought they'd bring on a depression. They didn't.

Like I said, if you were to tell me right after the attacks that our economy a year later would be stabilizing, I'd say you were nuts.

But you -- we -- were not nuts. We were -- and are -- Americans. Shaken but now stirred. Hit but now hopping. Shocked but now sure.

We are better than the sum of our fears, or the wrath of our enemies. It says something about Wall Street. But it says a lot more about Main Street.

You know, some call me a cock-eyed optimist. Apparently I have a lot of company. Because only in a country like this could we overcome something like this. Never forgetting. Always remembering. Those who seek to tear us apart will only bring us together.

You can't put a dollar sign on that. Or a price multiple on that.

You can't chart it. Or rate it. Or do a cash flow analysis on it.

You have to live it and be it and show it.

That's why the terrorists lost: They showed us the worst, only to have us show the world our best.

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