Topics and Guests for Thursday, September 5

Tonight... Get on the Record with Greta!

Closing arguments today in a Florida courtroom as the King brothers trial wraps up. The two teens are accused of killing their father. They say they didn't do it. So who did? Was the murder really part of a gay love triangle? We'll have the latest from the trial including analysis from two of our favorite lawyers, former prosecutor Bernard Grimm and criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos.

Then, don't miss Part I of our special report Below the Radar when we look at homeland security and your safety! Just how safe are we here at home almost one year after the September 11 terror attacks? You won't believe it when we reveal just how easily terrorists can cross our borders--virtually undetected! Fox News Correspondent Steve Brown joins Greta tonight.

Plus, got some skeletons in your closet you'd prefer nobody found out about? A Web site in Cincinnati lets the public look at court records for Hamilton County has a lot of people up in arms. Why? Because now public documents including state tax liens, arrest warrants and even bond postings are available for all to see! And a lot of people are taking a look! Is this simply bringing the notion of "public records" into the 21st century? Or is it an intrusion into your right to privacy? We'll speak with the creator of, former U.S. Attorney Jim Cissell.

Also, Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa is fighting a legal battle with law enforcement investigators over pregnancy records officials want to see to solve the mystery of a baby's death in an Iowa lake. Now there's been a new development in the case. And we'll have the latest for you when we speak with Jill June from Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa, the President of Planned Parenthood of America and Staci Hupp, a reporter from the Des Moines Register this evening.

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