Topics and Guests for September 5

A powerful car bomb rocked a busy market area in the center of Kabul on Thursday, killing and wounding scores of people in the bloodiest attack in the Afghan capital since the fall of the Taliban.

The attack came just a few hours before President Hamid Karzai and a powerful regional governor survived an assassination attempt by an Afghan security guard who fired on their convoy in Kandahar.

We'll look at the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and look ahead to the Bush administration's plans for Iraq with Fox News contributors Newt Gingrich and retired Gen. Tom McInerney.

We'll talk to Lee Kreindler, one of the lawyers behind a new lawsuit that claims Iraq knew Usama bin Laden was targeting the Pentagon and New York City prior to Sept. 11 and that it sponsored terrorists for a decade to avenge its defeat in the Gulf War.

If weight is an issue for you, your paychecks may be too. We'll ask Charlie Baum, assistant professor of economics at Middle Tennessee State University, explains why he thinks if you're overweight you're not making as much as your skinny co-workers

And, they were the target of the country's first anthrax attack. Now, American Media's Jim Lynch remembers the day that changed our nation.

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