Justin's Mom OK After Surgery

American Idol also-ran Justin Guarini did get some good news last night -- his mom was doing fine after emergency surgery.

Guarini showed no sign of anxiety during the two-hour finale of the show, even though his devoted mother lay in a Los Angeles hospital. 

Kathy Guarini went under the knife last Friday to remove a "large mass" in her stomach area and a kidney, Access Hollywood reported. 

Hospital officials said she would be released today. 

"It's been a blessing in the fact that I've been on this show, and I don't think events would have transpired the way they did had I not come out to the show," Justin told the show. 

Kathy's surgery forced her to remain in the hospital for last night's climax to the popular show, which culminated in a two-hour live special on Fox. 

"She needed to go through what she needed to go through. It was one of those things where I was focused, I stayed determined, and I have a lot of faith." 

Kathy has been at son Justin's side constantly since he was chosen as one of the 10 American Idol finalists.

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