Topics and Guests for August 30

Vice President Dick Cheney on Thursday reiterated the importance for the United States to move quickly against Saddam Hussein before the Iraqi leader can amass the weaponry needed to threaten America and its allies.

But when it comes to Iraq, is the Bush administration guilty of too much talk, not enough unity? Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig, joins the debate.

Will tech stocks remain on the sidelines as long as many companies postpone equipment upgrades? We'll investigate with Gary B. Smith, contributing editor at; Price Headley, founder and chief analyst and Knight Kiplinger, editor in chief of Kilpinger's Personal Finance magazine.

Another subpoena for Citigroup over the IPO offers to WorldCom and Global Crossing executives. Were they sweetheart deals, or was the law broken? We'll ask lead investigator Rep. John LaFalce, D-NY.

The E.U. strikes back with a $4 billion ruling against the United States? Does the U.S. have any friends left anywhere? Dan Mitchell, senior fellow of The Heritage Foundation, weighs in.

It was a rough ride for nail-biting baseball fans, but Major League Baseball's owners and players finally struck a deal this afternoon. Is it all's well that ends well? David Moross, CEO of Sports Capital Partners, breaks down the winners and the losers.

Plus, it was a record summer at the box office as 12 movies grossed over $100 million. We'll break down the winners and the losers with Mr. Moviephone himself, Russ Leatherman.

We'll have these stories and more!

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