Guests and Topics: August 27

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Today, the president hosted the Saudi ambassador at the western White House in Crawford, Texas. Saudi Arabia has not been supportive of a U.S. attack on Saddam Hussein. But do we really need the Saudis to side with us against Saddam, and is war with the butcher of Baghdad really inevitable?
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, (R-TX)
Sen. Bill Nelson, (D-FL)

First, some Philadelphia residents are calling a local newspaper racist. Last Thursday, August 22, "The Philadelphia Daily News" ran photos of fugitive murder suspects that had been provided by the Philadelphia Police Department, but some people are upset that almost all the suspects are African-American and none of them were white. Is this racist?
Lorenzo Biggs, The Philadelphia Daily News
Reggie Bryant, radio talk-show host

The University of Maryland may be sued over a book that they are giving to incoming freshmen and some other students. The assignment is to read "The Laramie Project." It is a play about the 1998 killing of gay college student Matthew Shepard. Now conservative Christian groups, they're up in arms. They're saying that the play is just pro homosexual propaganda, but the University of Maryland says that the play covers a wide range of viewpoints. And they expect "it will generate equally widespread discussion on campus throughout the year."
Robert Knight, Culture & Family Inst. director
David Smith, Human Rights Campaign

A high school in South Carolina has adopted its own less serious version of the scarlet letter. Now if a student violates the school's dress code, well, they have to wear a special T-shirt all day that says "I will dress for success tomorrow." Well, does this mild punishment teach our kids a valuable lesson? Or should students be allowed to wear whatever they want to school?
Ron Cowden, Dutch Fork H.S. principal

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