Topics and Guests for Monday, August 26

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Here's a review of what was on the rundown for Monday, August 26:

The papers are filled with stories that Saddam Hussein wants to draw the U.S. into an urban war, with house-to-house combat from the get-go. Is that a likely scenario?
•   Stephen Bryen, former director of the Defense Department's technology security program

As commander in chief, President Bush must give the order to send our troops into war. So will he or won't he?
•   Eliot Cohen, author of Supreme Command: Soldiers, Statesmen and Leadership in Wartime

Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris says Al Gore would have gotten his statewide recount in the 2000 presidential election had he done things a little differently
•   Bill Cotterell of The Tallahassee Democrat

The Feds have beefed up airport security in the wake of Sept. 11, but not everything is working according to the plan
•   Ed Bradley, EBS consultants

The city of Wilmington, Del. is compiling a list of potential criminals. Cops drive around the city, taking pictures of people they think are suspicious. Is that legal?
•   Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

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