Topics and Guests for August 22

President Bush will reveal a new plan to make it easier for timber companies to get approval to cut wood in fire-prone national forests.

But would more logging in national forests help prevent devastating wildfires? Or do environmentalists have a good reason to howl? We'll debate the issue with Michael Francis, director of the national forest program at the Wilderness Society, and Michael Klein, spokesman for the American Forest and Paper Association.

The Dow is up 17 percent since its July lows. Are you missing the boat if you're not on board? Richard Hoey, chief economist at the Dreyfus Corp., Hilary Kramer, senior advisor at Montgomery Asset Management, and James Bianco, head of market research firm Bianco Research, join the debate.

Could a new drug spell the end of the West Nile virus threat? We'll ask New York Hospital's Dr. James Rahal.

Is Salomon Smith Barney being unfairly pressured to provide more information on disgraced former analyst Jack Grubman? We'll ask Rep. Michael Capuano, D-Mass.

Plus, as the ImClone insider trading scandal widens, is it getting too hot in the kitchen for Martha Stewart?

And, is anti-Saudi sentiment in the States causing Saudis to pull the plug on their billion dollar investments?

We'll have these stories and more!

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