Topics and Guests for August 23

Can America stomach the idea of a war with Iraq, or have we lost out appetite for a rematch with Saddam? We'll ask Fox News military analyst retired Col. David Hunt.

Having already bagged Merrill Lynch, New York's Attorney General is going after Citigroup. But is Eliot Spitzer on a witch-hunt? We'll ask Jack Coffee, law professor at Columbia University.

Plus, did investors stop to take profits on Friday, or is something else weighing on the market? Greg Kuhn, managing director of Kuhn Capital Management, and Tobin Smith, chairman of Changewave Research, join the debate.

And, don't want to get wrapped up in insider trading? Then stay away from those swanky soirees or that party in the Hamptons, where what seems like an innocent chat could turn into one of your costliest conversations ever as former federal prosecutor Ira Lee Sorkin and Joan Jedell, publisher and editor of the Hampton Sheet, explain.

Plus, could a shareholder lawsuit sink Martha Stewart's fortune? Attorney Melvin Weiss, whose client is suing the domestic diva, joins us.

And, from ashes to… diamonds? LifeGem Memorials CEO Greg Herro wants to take your dearly departed's remains and turn them into a wearable jewel.

We'll have these stories and more!

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