Topics and Guests for August 20

Lawyers for Martha Stewart will turn over documents demanded by a congressional committee probing the ImClone Systems scandal.

But will the documents clear or condemn the domestic diva? Rep Jim Greenwood, R-Pa., chairman of the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, joins us with insight.

You'll get exclusive access to the inside of a jihad jail and reaction from Fox News military analyst Gen. Paul Vallely.

We'll take the market's temperature with Bernadette Murphy, managing director at Kimelman and Baird, and Art Hogan, chief market strategist at Jefferies and Co.

Did a stockbroker purposely lose the money of a client because he was Arab? You'll hear from Ali Fakih and his lawyer Stuart Meissner.

If the U.S. attacks Iraq, will you feel more pain at the pump? John Kilduff, energy analyst at Fimat Futures, offers insight.

What advice does Gov. Frank Keating, R-Okla., have for Catholics dissatisfied with how their parishes are handling of sex abuse scandals? You won’t want to miss it.

Plus, special guest Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks, joins us to discuss the future of multimedia on the Internet.

And, President Bush is calling all hands to a major meeting of military minds at his Crawford ranch on Wednesday. Is Iraq on the top of the agenda? We'll have a complete report.

We'll have these stories and more!

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