Topics and Guests, August 20

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Bret Baier reports: Is Iraq supporting Al Qaeda? And did Arab terrorists with Al Qaeda ties test biological weapons at a small facility in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq?

Guest preview: Former ambassador Dennis Ross shares some insight on Mideast updates.


•  Greg Palkot reports: German police commandos storm the Iraqi Embassy in Berlin, freeing two captives and bringing a peaceful end to a hostage-taking by a previously unknown Iraqi dissident group seeking Saddam Hussein's ouster.

•  Jonathan Hunt reports: Some Taliban and Al Qaeda prisoners who are scheduled to be released from prison in Afghanistan say they will continue to carry out terrorist activities after they are set free. 

•  Jennifer Griffin reports: Sheik Yassin, a Hamas leader, tells us about the future of Israelis and Palestinians. Are they on a track to peace?

•  Brian Wilson reports: Crawford, Texas, is the president's abode. But what's the town really like? We show you around.

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