Sexy Aniston Lays It on the Table

Jennifer Aniston says was far from at ease when she had to get naked for her new movie.

"It was uncomfortable," the sultry Friends star says about her sizzling love scene with hunky Jake Gyllenhaal in The Good Girl.

"Unless you're someone who gets off on having people watch you, which I'm certainly not, it's weird having 40 crew members look at you in such an intimate situation." 

But Jennifer, a.k.a Mrs. Brad Pitt, had no trouble revealing herself in the September issue of InStyle magazine. 

In an article titled "What's Sexy Now!" the brunette stunner says her legs and calves are her most alluring features, especially when she's wearing heels. 

"Anytime I can look a little taller . . . I'm happy," she says.

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