X-Rated Survivor

Survivor 5 contestant Brian Heidik shouldn't be shy about disrobing on camera -- since he's worn his birthday suit in porn movies such as The Virgins of Sherwood Forest and The Pleasure Zone.

Court TV's The Smoking Gun has unearthed Heidik's X-rated romps, and has even linked to photos showing Heidik "in action" in movies like "Sinful Obsession" and "Passion Cove 2" (thesmokinggun.com). 

Heidik, 34, claimed to be a "used car salesman" in his CBS biography, and listed acting roles in TV shows such as Doogie Howser, M.D., Baywatch Nights and Days of Our Lives, where he had a regular role as Tim Rollins. 

What he neglected to mention was his "other" work -- cavorting with topless women under the stage name of Dave Roth. 

The Smoking Gun says it's easy to spot Heidik in the movies, since he sports a tattoo of a tiger on his arm -- the same tiger tattoo that can be seen in his promotional photos for Survivor 5

"CBS was definitely well aware of this," a CBS spokeswoman said yesterday. "Ultimately, it's up to each Survivor contestant as to what they want revealed in their biographies. 

"[Heidik] is not the first actor in town to leave 'jobs' off his resume." 

According to his bio, 34-year-old Heidik lives in Quartz Hill, Calif. and is married with a son named Logan. He also says he's worked as a motorcycle salesman and a writer - and is "most proud of being a father." 

Survivor 5 premieres Monday, Sept. 16 and takes place on Koh Tarutao, an island off Thailand. 

Contestants on all three versions of another CBS reality show, Big Brother have been found to have past indiscretions such as drunk driving.

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