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Question for August 15: Are you ready for an Iraq attack?

My grandfather had a saying, "Are you gonna fish, or are you gonna stand on shore and cut bait"? Let's do it, and do it big.

Scott M.

It amazes me that everyone is yes lets go get him, as they sit on their sofa's watching as our troops get dragged into another war. Do you know there is 1000s of our troops from the Gulf War still suffering from an unknown disease that nobody will admit anything to whether chemicals or whatever and we say, yes lets send more troops in. God Bless our troops. Lets ask all these people who want to topple Saddam if they would go?

Diane S. (Miami, FL)

I don't think we have any choice but to attack but I fear that we will take mass casualties because, with nothing to lose, Sadam will pull out all the stops and use all weapons at his disposal. We need to avoid city fighting which could result in something akin to a Blackhawk Down scenario. The best approach may be to lay seige on Iraq--shut off all commerce, shut down their airports, close their borders and destroy their infrastructure. Where we go from there I am not sure, but that may open up some good possibilities for bringing down his regieme.

Mike A.