Topics and Guests for Tuesday, August 13

Tonight...go on the record...with Greta!

Another abduction in California. This time it's a little four-year-old missing, and believed kidnapped, from a Los Angeles Park. We'll have the latest on the search for the girl tonight from L.A.

Then, the search continues for a serial killer in Louisiana... Will authorities be able to release a profile before he strikes again? Should women in the state take the advice of the Governor and consider carrying a gun to protect themselves? We'll have the latest from Baton Rouge this evening.

Plus, a 19-year-old is freed by a judge after a jury finds him guilty of vehicular homicide! The young man hit and killed a mother who was pushing her newborn across the street in a stroller. But the judge ruled that the jury had delivered an emotional verdict and the mother's death was an accident. Is the judge's decision true justice or an act of injustice? We'll take a look at that question this evening.

Finally, what happens to ordinary people who gain fame and fortune on reality tv shows? We'll talk with Darva Conger whose life has not been the same since she decided to take a risk and would up marrying a multi-millionaire!

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