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James Rosen reports: Democrats blast President Bush's economic forum, set to get underway tomorrow. But the White House insists it will be an opportunity to examine a wide range of views on how to jump start the slumping economy.

Guest preview: Francis Brooke, spokesman for Iraqi National Congress.


•  Bret Baier reports: A senior Iraqi official says there is no need for U.N. weapons inspectors to return to Baghdad and brands as a "lie" allegations that Saddam Hussein still has weapons of mass destruction.

•  Carl Cameron reports: It's an election year and the drive is on, from gambling activists to a push for legalizing marijuana, a frantic search to add signatures to petitions is underway across the country.

•  Orlando Salinas reports: The primary is Aug. 20 and the state of Georgia is ready for the run. The debate is on for the 4th Congressional seat.

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