Guests and Topics: August 12

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Have Democrats gone way past what is acceptable in partisan politics? At the Democratic National Committee's meeting in Las Vegas over the weekend, Chairman Terry McAuliffe tore into President Bush and the Republicans over just about everything that he could possibly think of. Has he finally gone off the edge?
David Corn, The Nation
David Horowitz, author, How to Beat the Democrats

Time magazine discusses Clinton's missed opportunities to nab UBL
Mansoor Ijaz, Fox News foreign affairs analyst

High school cheerleader Andrea Warren is suing her school district, because they will not let her be the captain of the squad. She lost her title last year after she was caught drinking and having cigarettes in her purse. Now the school says she can't be captain this year either. And Andrea says that's not fair.
Andrea Warren, cheerleader
Janey Berg, Andrea Warren's mother

The Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson says that he was booed, jeered and called a white man's boy when he attended the annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists. So what was at the root of this spectacle?
Jesse Lee Peterson, B.O.N.D.
Michael Eric Dyson, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Former New York City fire commissioner Thomas Von Essen was at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11 as hundreds of firemen responded to the terror attack -- 343 firemen -- actually 341 and then two paramedics were among the 2,800 victims. The author of Strong of Heart: Life and Death in the Fire Department of New York, joins Hannity and Colmes
Thomas Von Essen, former NYC fire commissioner

David Horowitz, author of How to Beat the Democrats
Mark Geragos, defense attorney
Marcia Clark, former prosecutor

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