Topics and Guests, August 9

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Bret Baier reports: Iraqi opposition leaders, in Washington to meet with officials at the Defense and State Departments, say that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's latest show of defiance demonstrates the despot's calculating and cunning side.

Guest preview: Ed Soule, Georgetown University business school, who will talk about Martha Stewart's big bowl of hot mess.

Panel preview: We hear voice of opposition to taking on Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.


•  Major Garrett reports: A panel of the nation's largest lawyers' group says the Bush administration has not justified jailing Americans as enemy combatants without charges or access to attorneys.

•  Carl Cameron reports: Democrats are getting ready to hit the streets and get the Republicans out. We'll give you the latest from the the Democratic National Committee in Las Vegas.

•  Brian Wilson reports: Hollywood legend Charlton Heston reveals he has symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease. Will the president of the National Rifle Association give up his position of power?

•  Jeff Goldblatt reports: There's more than his recent bus tour, which included a fender bender with a tree, to suggest that Wisconsin Gov. Scott McCallum is in for one bumpy ride in the race to keep his job.

•  Steve Centanni reports: Where's the fun in the run? Washington, D.C., mayoral candidates know.

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