A Friend In Need...

There's a great story in Friday's Wall Street Journal on "The Friendship Recession."

In it, Nancy Ann Jeffrey brilliantly analyzes the lives of former go-getters, who wonder where all their friends have gone.

There's the story of a woman who always picked up the bar tab for her friends when she was getting it done, but finds no friends returning the favor now that she can't pick up the tab and isn't getting it done.

Another executive who gave out expensive opera tickets to all too eager friends when times were flush, but hears squat from them now that times are tough.

As Jeffrey poignantly notes, "Who'll be left in their friendship pool after the moochers are gone?"

It's sad, but it's all too real. The movers and shakers are now moved and shaken. Where are their pals? Where are their sycophants? Where are their drinking buddies? I suspect onto others who are still up-and-coming, not down-and-going. It's cruel, but it's life.

My parents used to say if you leave this world with only two or three really good friends, you have lived well.

It's like the story I tell of a former CEO friend of mine, who laments the days when he was in charge, in demand, and everyone was in awe.

Now he's not and his friends are nowhere to be found.

It's human nature. Like moths, many of us are drawn to the brightest flames. But not all.

Some see friendships not in the thickness of their pal's wallet, but the deepness of his or her heart.

Those are the friends you keep and those are the friends you help.

Life is short. Why does it take us so long to remember some friend's loyalties are shorter still?

It's trite, but true: a friend with you through the bad times is a friend worth treasuring all the time.

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