Topics and Guests for Wednesday, August 7

Tonight...go on the record...with Greta!

The closing arguments in the Danielle Van Dam murder trial are over... What will the jury decide? We'll have all the very latest for you including a live report. And we'll talk with Tom Perry from The Los Angeles Times who is inside the courtroom and legal eagles Bernie Grimm and Susan Estrich.

Then, the death toll from West Nile virus continues to rise across the country. Just how does this deadly disease work and how can you protect yourself? We'll ask Dr. Durland Fish from the Yale School of Medicine.

Plus, will a baseball strike bring a sour end to the summer?

Also, the ratings were big for The Anna Nicole Show... but many critics are panning it as trashy tv. What's the secret to the success of the show? And will it last? Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto weighs in!

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