Topics and Guests for August 7

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Topics and Guests for August 7:

FBI audio tapes of 9/11, Fox News Live will play them for you
Thomas A. Humphreys, attorney who escaped from the firm's 57th-floor offices after the 1993 car-bombing at the WTC and then again on 9/11

Westerfield murder trial follow up
Jonna Spilbor, criminal defense attorney
Colin H. Murray, former prosecutor

Picture of 9/11
William Nunez, amateur photographer took picture of 2nd arline going into the WTC

Sexy, smooth, and seamless
Tyra Banks, Body by Victoria supermodel

Is Saudi Srabia an enemy of the United States? Should U.S. policy towards the Saudis change?
Khalil Jahshan, American-Arab anti-discrimination committee
John Hulsman, Heritage Foundation

The story behind one of America's most beloved comedian
Jerry Oppenheimer, author of Seinfeld, The Making of an American Icon

Col. Patrick Lang, retired US Army
Lawrence Korb, vice president of Council of Foreign Relations

West Nile Virus: State officials have boosted mosquito-spraying efforts and stocked up on insect repellent to help battle the worst outbreak of the West Nile virus since it was first detected in the United States three years ago.
Dr. Jim Hughes, director of CDC's National Center for Infectious Disease

My brother is not working for the Taliban
Mustafa Ujaama, brother of James Ujaama, who was arrested for allegedly providing laptop computers to the Taliban

Westerfield murder trial
Mike Still, former prosecutor

The woman behind the ratings: The Anna Nicole Smith Show
Eric Redding, Anna Nicole Smith's former manager and friend

A woman hired a private investigator to videotape her suspected cheating husband. Instead, she got recorded as she allegedly ran over her husband with her Mercedes
Bobbi Bacha, vice president and founder of Blue Moon Investigations

Little league battle won by the players and their parents gets coach suspended for wanting his team to throw the game
Cynthia Ford, Derek's mother

The West Nile outbreak continues to spread
Douglas Easterbrook, survivor of the West Nile Virus

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change