Topics and Guests for August 6

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Topics and Guests for August 6:

Runnion case: Orange County D.A. office is seeking the death penalty for Avila
Tony Rackauckas, district attorney of Orange County, CA

Doctor who is counseling L.A. girls who were kidnapped
Dr. Bill Pricer, L.A. county sheriff department

How Ozzy Osbourne "saved" the tenth miner from being trapped with his nine co-workers
Roger Shaffer Jr., would have been the 10th miner

Alerting the public with the AMBER alert
Donna Norris, mother of Amber Hagerman

Retired Major General Paul Vallely, U.S. Army

Pledge of Allegiance federal suit
Paul Sullivan, Sandra Banning's attorney
Sandra Banning, Pledge of Allegiance lawsuit

Nigel Marven, host of Celebrity Shark Week
You won’t want to miss Nigel’s interview from an aquarium tank!

Middle East debate
Khalid Turaani, executive director of American Muslims for Jerusalem
Cliff May, president of foundation for the Defense of Democracies

New study on Middle East news
Robert Litchter president of Center for Media and Public Affairs

The first serial killer in the nation’s history is going to be released on parole in four years
Andy Kahn, director of the Mayor of Houston Crime
Lori Lister, last person attacked by serial killer
Jane Montgomery, Elizabeth Montgomery’s mother and daughter

Jane Seymour,
actress and fashion designer
Seymour talks about her new fashion line Penguins and Pearls

Are we giving Saddam to much information
Bob Bevelacqua, former Green Beret Major

Inflight wedding story
Jim and Gloria Aten, bride and groom


NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change