Guests and Topics: August 6

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes...

Did the Bush administration miss a chance to take out al Qaeda before September the 11th?
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), District of Columbia
Rep. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)

Al Gore's Sunday NY Times op-ed piece. Does Al Gore think that his arguments will work better the second time around?
Rahm Emanuel, former Clinton adviser
Rick Lazio, former New York congressman

First, yesterday, a Pennsylvania judge allowed a woman to end her pregnancy, despite the objections of her ex-boyfriend. A lawsuit filed by her ex-boyfriend forbid the woman from getting an abortion until yesterday's final decision. Should men have any say when it comes to abortion?
Elizabeth Toledo, Planned Parenthood
Nicholas Digiovanni, American Life League

Closing arguments in the Van Dam murder trial
Keith Watters, defense attorney
Lis Wiehl, former prosecutor

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