Topics and Guests for August 5

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Topics and Guests for August 5:

8-year old abducted in Sacramento, CA.
Lt. Dave Farmer special enforcement office of operations

Westerfield trial update
Mike Still, former prosecutor
Jonna Spilbor, criminal defense attorney

Water security: Federal officials recently arrested two Al Qaeda terror suspects in the U.S. with documents in their possession about how to poison the country's water supplies. How is the government working to secure the water supply?
Christie Whitman, EPA administrator

Fears of a serial killer: LSU students on alert with confirmed deaths
Tony arino concerned father
Debbi Marino concerned mother
Kelly Marino would be freshman at Louisiana State University

Middle East and Iraq: Is there a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq as Sec. Rumsfeld said?
Sec. Lawrence Eagleburger, former secretary of state under former President Bush

Camp brings together Israeli and Palestinian teens
Rawan Zaitoun, Palestinian teen who participated in building bridges for peace
Adva Kafri, Israeli teen who participated in building bridges for peace
Melodye Feldman, executive director of seeking common ground with runs the building bridges for peace summer program

Everything you ever wanted to know about combat but were afraid to ask is in a new series called Mail Call premiering tonight on the History Channel at 8pm
R. Lee Ermey, host of Mail Call

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change