Topics and Guests, August 5

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume.

Major Garrett reports: There's a major new episode in the Washington blame game. A report in Time magazine charges that the Clinton White House presented the incoming Bush Administration with a plan for defeating Al Qaeda, but that it took the new president and his aides eight months to move on it.

Guest preview:
Patrick Clawson, deputy director of the Washington Insititute of Near East Policy.


Bret Baier reports: A few days after Saddam Hussein suggested he might allow U.N. weapons inspectors back in Iraq, an Iraqi lawmaker has offered to allow Members of Congress to come to Iraq and do their own investigation of certain sites.

Steve Harrigan reports: A car explosion today in Israel has killed a would-be Palestinian terrorist and injured another.

James Rosen reports: On his way back to Washington today, President Bush stopped in Pennsylvania to celebrate the survival of the trapped coal miners.

Brian Wilson reports: Tomorrow, voters in several states will head to the polls to choose Republican and Democratic nominees for various House, Senate and gubernatorial races.

Orlando Salinas reports: In Georgia, redistricting is also pitting two veteran members of Congress against each other, but in this case it's Republican against Republican.

Mike Tobin reports: When George W. Bush traded in the governor's mansion in Austin, Texas, for the White House, Republican Rick Perry was appointed to fulfill the remainder of his term. Now, Perry is running for another term as governor — and the campaign has turned ugly.

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