Topics and Guests for July 30

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Topics and Guests for July 30:

Kidnappings: Are they on the rise? What can families do to protect themselves?
Pat Brown, criminal profiler & CEO of the Sexual Homicide Exchange

Nine beached whales die on Cape Cod Beach and dozens of other are saved
David Schofield, coordinator of the national aquarium in Baltimore

Invading Iraq: The U.S. is exploring a Baghdad strike as Iraq option. Will the military force effect 'regime change' in Iraq?
Roger Carstens, member of the council of Emerging National Security Affairs
Ambassador Edward Peck, former U.S. ambassador to Iraq

Westerfield murder trial continues
Mike Still, former prosecutor
Jonna Spilbor, defense attorney

Introduction of the Impact Bill to Congress: The bill is meant to improve education and training programs and to address obesity in juveniles
Sen. Jeff Bingaman, (D-NM)

Inside the mind of Anna, a new reality sitcom premiering Sunday August 4th at 10pm on E!
Anna Nicole Smith, star of The Anna Nicole Show

Bin Laden's son, Saad, is rising in Al Qaeda's ranks
Michael Battles, former CIA operations officer

Maryland train derailment
Susan Coughlin, former vice chairwoman of NTSB

50 greatest cartoon characters of all time, What’s funny, clever, drawn to perfection, they're the tops in toons!
Michael Davis, senior editor of TV Guide

The victims of Ted Kaczynski are outraged that a recent letter, written from prison calling for the destruction of modern society, has been published in an international radical environmental magazine. We’ll talk to the man who published this controversial essay
John Zerzan, editor of Green Anarchy

William Shatner will host a weekly show on the sci-fi channel called Full Moon Fright Night
Milliam Shatner, actor and host of Full Moon Fright Night

The Senate foreign relations committee begins hearing on Iraq this Wednesday. Should the U.S. attack Iraq? If so, using what strategy?
Sen. Bill Nelson, (D-FL)
Sen. Sam Brownback, (R-KS)

Are wife killings at reflecting a growing problem in the military?
Deborah D. Tucker, co-chairman of the Defense Department's task force on domestic violence

Is there a kidnapping epidemic? Should children watch the news and can parents use these latest cases as examples to prevent future abductions? We'll speak with one of the FBI's top agents who works on abduction cases
Randy Aden,
FBI supervisory special agent

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change