Nice Guy Al Gets Nasty

The usually good-natured Today show weatherman Al Roker took some unexpected shots at rival Good Morning America yesterday.

Yesterday, while Roker was being interviewed by Access Hollywood in Asbury Park after Bruce Springsteen's Today show concert, correspondent Billy Bush said he saw a sign reading: "Will wrestle Al Roker for four tickets." 

"Yes," said Roker, "unfortunately that was [GMA co-host] Diane Sawyer. Those lousy rats' ... patooties over at GMA, they tried to scoop us by putting on Alfred E. Newman, I mean, Ted Koppel, interviewing The Boss. 

"Ted was trying to look hip, he was wearing a T-shirt. It's like seeing your grandmother wearing a thong, it's just something you don't want to see." 

Roker then did his best impersonation of Koppel: " 'Well, you know, Diane, I really wasn't a fan of the fellow, but now that I've met him, I think he's a ripping good lad.' 

"And [GMA co-host] Charlie Gibson is thinking, 'Play Freebird.' " 

Roker's remarks aired on last night's Access Hollywood

The zingers were perhaps in retaliation for getting shut out by GMA on an interview with one of the Pennsylvania miners who had been trapped underground for 77 hours. 

GMA's exclusive Monday morning reportedly infuriated Today co-host Katie Couric -who had expected to interview miner Dennis Hall right after GMA had finished. 

So what was GMA's response to Roker's jibes? 

"We're delighted Al's been closely watching the show," said a GMA spokeswoman. "As Bruce Springsteen once said in 'Rosalita': 'Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny.' "

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