Mel Gibson, Goldmember and Celine Dion

Mel Gibson, Goldmember and Celine Dion are in the Foxlight. 

Mel Gibson doesn't really believe that load of crop about aliens making signs in corn fields — but he can't really explain them, either. He says he expects some odd fan mail after Signs is released, and he understands that some people are believers. But are there enough of them to sit through this movie? Early buzz has all signs pointing to mediocre. 

Here's more than you may want to know about Fred Savage. He has a hairy memento to remember his Goldmember days: one of his hairy moles. Savage had the props people pack up one in a box for him to take home. Savage needed up to five moles to make it through the movie. He says he'd switch moles when one would get "crusty." Delightful. 

Finally, wanna smell just like Celine Dion? Maybe attract your own creepy Svengali husband? Coty has signed a deal with Dion to develop and market a fragrance line. The company calls Dion "truly a symbol of the modern woman" and the fragrances will capture Dion's "talent, style, femininity and confidence." I can't wait.