Fox Feedback: Are the Rumors of an Iraq Attack Too Much Talk?

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Question for July 31
Iraq Attack:
Is there too much talk about a possible U.S. invasion?



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We need more debate, both pro and con, about invading Iraq. If we had had more such talk back in the '60s, maybe we could have avoided the horrific imperial American tragedy of Vietnam.
Thomas P.
Dripping Springs, Texas

Loose lips sink ships! The more details that are leaked by government officials and reported by the media the more U.S. soldiers will be killed in combat. It is irresponsible and treasonous to give our future plans away.
Nick T.
Coral Springs, Fla.

I believe that the United States is giving away too much information. By the time they are ready to attack, Iraq will be prepared.
Tim G.
Grantsville, Md.

Yes! We should attack Iraq when it is appropriate to do so, when the president and the military feel it is the right time. I would say the sooner we offensively strike, the better.

In view of all of the talk about war on Iraq, what has happened to the idea that the element of surprise is a great advantage in time of war? Do we somehow think that we have so much expendable war machinery and armed forces personnel, that we can march right in and take over, whether they know we are coming or not?
Blackshear, Ga.

Of more concern should be our knowledge that "leaks" have occurred, which threaten our plans and our nation. This is more than how we think as individuals on this matter. We must stand together.
Charles R.
Vandalia, Ill.

The Bush administration is playing this just right. The more talk there is about the where and when, the more confused and frustrated the Iraqis will become and, just when they're breathing easy, the other shoe will drop!
John T.