Guests and Topics: July 29

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An investigation is underway to learn how nine miners were trapped in flooded coal mine.  The nine miners were hauled one by one early Sunday morning from a flooded shaft deep underground were they had been trapped for three days.
The miracle in the mine:
Edward Oaks, former miner
Randy Popernack, cousin of rescued miner

Can technology protect children better than parents can? A new technology from Applied Digital Solutions could track human beings by satellite, but does this pose a danger to society, or do we need to take extreme measures to protect our kids, especially in light of all the kidnappings?
Scott Silverman, Applied Digital Solutions

Is the White House dropping the ball on the economy?
Doug Hattaway, Democratic strategist
Mindy Tucker, RNC communications director

In only the second time a sitting member has been banished since the Civil War, the House voted to expel convicted Ohio Rep. James Traficant last week.  Traficant's first appearance since being kicked out of Congress. Is he worried about going to jail?
James Traficant, former U.S. Congressman

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