It's 'All' Over for Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa has decided to leave All My Children after her contract runs out.

Insiders say Ripa, who also co-hosts Live with Regis & Kelly, will let her contract expire in December — but still wants to appear occasionally as Hayley Santos, the role which she's played since 1991. 

"She feels like All My Children has been her home — after all, she met her husband [Mark Consuelos] there," says one source. 

But "she just wants to take a break and is very reluctant to sign another contract," says the source. "But she still wants to appear on the show, maybe a few times a week instead of full time." 

When Ripa, 32, joined Live last year, some wondered how long or if she could juggle both jobs — especially after having her second child. 

"I like to work but I'm not the most ambitious person," Ripa says in this week's TV Guide, which interviewed her and Live co-host Regis Philbin. 

"I do have a fear of unemployment. Because what if I quit one job and the other show goes off the air?" she said. 

"But I've always said to Mark, as soon as his film career takes off, I'm staying home with the kids. That's sort of my ambition." 

Ratings for Live have been solid since Ripa joined the show, helping to attract younger female viewers and fans of All My Children.

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