Britney Spears, John McCain and Martin Lawrence

Britney Spears, John McCain and Martin Lawrence in The Foxlight.

Pop tart pops off. Britney Spears has a middle finger and isn't saying "Oops" for using it according to The New York Daily News. The Mexican paparazzi were driving too close and too recklessly according to her Brit-ness so the wholesome pixie flipped them the bird. "I'm human too," she warbled. "I get mad like everyone else." Well everyone else that flips people off. Don't include all of us in that Ms. Spears.

What's so funny about Senator John McCain? I can't figure it out either, but those chuckleaheads at Saturday Night Live seem to think he's comic fodder. McCain will host the second show of the new season this fall. He says he has absolutely no idea what he'll do. So it's just like being a Senator. But what's the topical tie-in? Hey if he's half as funny as Steve Forbes was a few years ago it could be great.

Finally Martin Lawrence still hasn't sent me the videotape of our interview. He got cranky when I asked about some of his famous run-ins with the law. His publicist refused to release the interview. Yes, sadly they can do that when it's their camera. The comedy concert movie is about letting him tell his side of what he calls misleading media stories. Martin, we can't tell the story if you don't give us the tape. Is that so crazy?